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Other Craps Sites:

Irish's "Dice Setter" site.
This site is full of excellent and free information. Make sure to read all of the articles by "Mad Professor" - they are all excellent.

Dice Coach
The Dice Coach is Beau Parker, located in Las Vegas, he gives lessons and has a great site full of information.

Craps Fest
This is Heavy's site.

The Golden Touch site
This is Dominator's site.

Gambling Related

Stanford Wong’s
BJ21 site.

Stanford and I recorded 400 throws onto a regulation table in ultra slow motion for analysis. Those videos are on the premium version of the Dance With Dice site.

The Wizard of Odds
A great site discussing the probabilites of random craps, and in fact all forms of gambling.

Two Plus Two dot com
David Sklansky’s poker oriented forum — among the best poker forums anywhere, and it’s free!
Yes YOU CAN win at craps!! All it takes is some practice to develop the SKILL to throws the dice with precision. THat, along with the correct betting strategies can hav you walking away from Vegas as a WINNER! Only a dream? No! It's been proven true for many dedicated dice lovers!